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New head of Ukraine anticorruption agency selected

New head of Ukraine anticorruption agency selected
Oleksandr Novikov
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Prosecutor Oleksandr Novikov has been selected as head of Ukraine's National Agency for Preventing Corruption (NAPC), according to Ukrainian News.

He was selected among 30 candidates.

"This decision of Board members means that this candidate has the best professional experience, knowledge and qualities to be the Head of the NAPC out of all the candidates, and that he complies with the criteria of competence and integrity," TI Ukraine's legal advisor Oleksandr Kalitenko said. 

"Now, the Board should file a submission for appointment of the Head of the NAPC with the Cabinet of Ministers, and then it’s up to the Cabinet," he added, according to the TI Ukraine website.

Novikov has worked in the prosecutor's office since 2007. He currently works in the legal compliance department. 

Currently, he is a prosecutor with the Law Observance Oversight in Criminal Proceeding and Law Enforcement Coordination Department with the Prosecutor General’s Office. One of the major cases he’s working on now is the case on possible forgery of final school test results.

In 2015, he was one of three candidates to become one of Deputy Heads of the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office. 

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