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Justice minister says to quit if there is no pay rise

"At least to 80,000 hryvnyas."

Justice minister says to quit if there is no pay rise
Denys Malyuska
Photo: Cabinet of Ministers

Justice Minister Denys Malyuska has said that he is not happy with his current salary of 29,000 hryvnyas and will quit if it is not raised at least to 80,000 hryvnyas, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

"Last month we agreed on extra payments. And many of the ministers have already received them. I have around 29,000 hryvnyas. If my salary does not increase at least to 80,000 hryvnyas, I will not last long. Less is not for a long-term employment history. [I have] four children, this calls for money," he said.

He noted that the government was ready to increase salaries and it was important for international investors too.

"There is consensus in the government. And what's more, even international investors who invest in Ukraine constantly ask us about this. They understand that a government that is paid meagre wages lives off of something else. It can only be bribes or additional informal expenses against some commitments. We don’t work like that. Accordingly, we have no other choice but to increase wages," the minister added.

On 27 November, Denys Malyuska posted a video about the successes of the new ministerial team.

In particular, it says that the Justice Ministry managed to stop potentially illegal actions both in the bailiff service and in the registration of private bailffs, as well as about letters kept hidden on the request of third parties.

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