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Ex-MP Chornovol put under house arrest

She is suspected of involvement in the death of a Party of Regions office employee in 2014.

Ex-MP Chornovol put under house arrest

Kyiv's Pecherskyy district court has upheld prosecutors' request to put ex-MP Tetyana Chornovol under 24-7 house arrest until 8 June.

Judge Serhiy Vovk read out the resolution.

Chornovol's defence asked the court to turn down the prosecutors' request. A number of former and incumbent MPs and former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated their readiness to stand surety for her.

Chornovol received the resolution with a smile, saying hardly anything would change for her, given her recent leg problem and quarantine.

On 10 April, she was declared a suspect in the murder case of a Party of Regions office employee who died in a fire in February 2014. The State Investigation Bureau believes that on 18 February 2014, Chornovol "managed the actions of a group of people and directly participated in the arson of a building on Kyiv's Lypska Street where an office of one of political parties is located".

The 66-year-old man died in the fire.

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