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There are already three constructive reactions to Ukraine's application to join the EU - Zhovkva

Seven countries have supported Kyiv's position.

 There are already three constructive reactions to Ukraine's application to join the EU - Zhovkva
Photo: Maks Trebukhov

Ukraine's application for EU membership under a special procedure is already on the table of the EU leadership. Ihor Zhovkva, Deputy Head of the President's Office, wrote about this on his Facebook page. He said that there were already the first constructive reactions from the cabinets of all three presidents of the European Union.

"There is no doubt that Ukraine deserves for this process to start. It is long deserved, especially taking into consideration these difficult times. We strongly hope that this time Brussels bureaucracy will be surprisingly constructive and will respond unconventionally fast. We will do everything for this," - said Zhovkva.

At the same time he informed that seven states, members of EU have already supported Kyiv's position.

"Tonight we already have the support of seven EU capitals. The presidents of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia have expressed such support in an open letter. Others will definitely follow," - said Zhovkva.

He informed that on 1 March 2022 the President of Ukraine Vlodymyr Zelenskyy will explain in details Ukraine's expectations for membership in his speech to High Representative of the European Union at an extraordinary session of the European Parliament.

Let us remind you that today, 28 February 2022, the President of Ukraine signed a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, who is a current President of EU, informing him of Ukraine's willingness and readiness to apply for EU membership in accordance with Article 49 of the EU Treaty.

The letter which explains the reasons and grounds for such a step is accompanied by a Joint Statement of the highest authorities: the President, the Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament and the Prime Minister

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