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Actions of Russian troops against Ukraine have signs of genocide, and it should not go unpunished - Duda

Because of its active help to Ukraine, Poland has become a target for Russian disinformation.

Actions of Russian troops against Ukraine have signs of genocide, and it should not go unpunished - Duda
Photo: EPA/UPG

The actions of the Russian forces during the war against Ukraine have the signs of genocide. This should not be left unpunished, the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, said in an address to the Polish citizens, Ukrinform reports

Duda believes that Ukraine became the symbol of defending shared values, sovereignty, and democracy to the free world. 

“For a week now, Ukraine has been resisting the occupiers, paying the highest price for it. The attacks on residential buildings, schools, and hospitals, numerous attacks from the Russian forces have the signs of genocide. I believe that they will not be left unpunished, and their perpetrators will be held accountable in the international tribunals,” Duda said. 

He mentioned that Poland has been actively supporting Ukraine since the first days, and the country initiated the strongest sanctions backed by the West. 

“We are Ukraine’s advocate in their efforts to become an EU member,” said Duda. 

Poland has also accepted more than 500,000 Ukrainian refugees. Duda believes that the country is the leader in aiding Ukraine, and that is why Poland became a target for Russian propaganda and disinformation. 

He urged all political forces in Poland to be responsible and not succumb to provocations so that it would not lead to political tension. The President stressed that the main goal is helping Ukraine, which is fighting for its independence. 

Genocide is the deliberate total or partial elimination of the population and the people on national, ethnic, racial, or religious grounds. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also talked about Russian actions in the war against Ukraine having the signs of genocide. 

Let us remember; last night, thirty-eight states filed a lawsuit against Russia for its war with Ukraine to the International Criminal Court. This is the largest lawsuit in history.

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