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Russian occupiers create humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol - local authorities and volunteers

More than 200 city residents were injured.

Russian occupiers create humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol - local authorities and volunteers
Photo: Pravda Gerashchenko

Mariupol is still without electricity, water and heating due to constant shelling by the Russian occupiers. Since the beginning of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, more than 200 city residents have received injuries of varying severity.

This was reported by the city council.

The city also has serious problems with mobile connection.

"Today the Russian fascists are creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol! They are obstructing the supply and restoration of electricity, water and heat. They have damaged the railway. They have destroyed bridges, cracked trains so that women, children and the elderly cannot be evaluated out of Mariupol. They block the supply of food, create a blockade of Mariupol, as in the former Leningrad. By the way, half a million people live in Mariupol, "- wrote a journalist of the local publication Marina Moloshna.

At the same time, as noted in the City Council, utilities provide fuel for generators that supply city hospitals with electricity, thus giving the opportunity to provide emergency medical care to all the wounded. So far, the power supply at the city hospital №1 has been restored. Also during the day, public utilities delivered and now continue to deliver drinking water to various parts of the city.

The mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko also made an appeal. He also said that in the city there is no electricity, water, heat and communication for the second day.

"There is none of that because our hometown has been under constant fire for more than a day. No one doubts that this is an act of genocide of the Russian occupiers against the Ukrainian people, against all of us," Boychenko said.

He also noted that now the priority is to restore electricity supply, and then - water supply.

"Emergency crews have already been formed, there is an understanding of what to do and how to do it. There is only one key but very difficult task that we, unfortunately, cannot affect - a necessary regime of silence. We are not just talking, we are shouting so the community hears our voice about the humanitarian catastrophe that has befallen our city. And today the voice of Mariupol was heard, "the mayor said.

Boychenko expressed hope that after today's negotiations in Belarus, there was a real hope of a temporary ceasefire to restore infrastructure and open a humanitarian green corridor for the supply of medicines and food.

"Tomorrow there will be more understanding and specificity about the situation," the mayor added. He also stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to stand firm and protect the city from "Putin's barbarians who deliberately shell peaceful neighborhoods."

"Hold on! We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We believe in our victory," Boychenko said.

As a reminder, earlier children from Mariupol wrote down the appeal to their peers in Belarus and Russia. They ask to stop the war against Ukraine.

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