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Zelenskyy at Doha Forum urges reform of international institutions, UN

The president has reminded that in the 90s, Ukraine has given up on the world’s third-largest nuclear arsenal in exchange for the safety warranties.

Zelenskyy at Doha Forum urges reform of international institutions, UN

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that the nuclear status of each country should not be a “permission for injustice” towards other countries.

During his video appeal on Saturday, March 26, at the forum in Doha, Qatar, he has stated that “injustice is what the rf is doing against us, using its privilege in international organizations, as well as fear of using the nuclear weapon,” reports.

“I am thankful to the General Assembly of UNO, all the countries that support the resolutions, compiled upon the principal of justice, regarding the war of russia against Ukraine and its consequences. But we see that UN and all the other international structures do not have the necessary inner power to return the basic value to the people. To return peace to the countries. Because the basic justice is not guaranteed in these structures. The voice of the privileged still suppresses the voice of the majority. This is not just,” the president has added.

Zelenskyy has mentioned that “now, the world is in a serious discussion on political level what to do, if russia uses tactical nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, in particular, chemical”.

He has reminded that in the 90s, Ukraine has given up on the world’s third most powerful nuclear arsenal.

“It was the largest contribution to the global protection ever made. In exchange, our country received written promises of safety from the strongest countries in the world, including russia,” the president has emphasized, adding that one of these very countries has attacked Ukraine.

As the result, Zelenskyy has said, “other countries will make a conclusion that they also need nuclear weapons”. 

“We need a real reform of the international institutions, mechanisms of UN, to guaranty safety. So that someone, who is 28 times larger, would not think that they are allowed everything. And that the nuclear status of the country would not be its permission for any injustice against other countries,” he has stated. 

“Doha Forum” has been founded in 2000 in Qatar. Nowadays, it is one of the leading platforms in the Near East to discuss the challenges the modern world faces.

Earlier, the USA have warned that russia might use chemical weapons in Ukraine while blaming our country for this.

According to the conclusions of the emergency summit of NATO, the Alliance has decided to help Ukraine with the protection against chemical, nuclear, and radiologic threats. 

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