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Cabinet of Ministers has formed strategic food stocks for several years, - Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal

Prime Minister told Government has worked out 9 directions for Ukraine to live during the war against Russia.

 Cabinet of Ministers has formed strategic food stocks for several years, - Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal

The cabinet of Ministers has worked out nine key directions for the state to live, work, accumulate resources, and defend itself in a full-scale war against russian invaders.

This was stated by Prime Minister Denys Shmygal during the session.

First key point - "Army above all". It's about providing defense forces with everything needed: military pay, weaponry, equipment, food, fuel, development of the military-industrial complex. 

Second direction is food security. Shmygal emphasized that currently "we have formed strategic food stocks in Ukraine for several years". He also reminded that sowing has started in 11 regions.

"The state has given farmers funds to buy everything they need. Loans at 0%. State guarantees before banks. Fuel, fertilizers, seeds. Everything is covered... We help farmers also with exports and will now actively expand this direction because the country must earn," - the prime minister said.

Shmygal also told that the state has launched a program of free distribution of key social products in frontline cities.

"The state buys more than 10 such products and then distributes them to people. This is support of the national producer as well - support of our food industry".

The third point is "New economic policy". Drastic reduction of taxes to 2% of turnover. No VAT, no income tax. Complete deregulation of business. Declarative principle of work. World's fastest customs. Abolition of import VAT and import duties. Loans for entrepreneurs at 0% up to 60 million hryvnyas. Assistance in relocation of businesses to safe regions. Prime Minister stressed all this together will have a powerful impact and should restart the economy. 

Fouth is the "YePidtrymka" [ESupport] and social assistance programs. Pensions were indexed in March. In April, in regions with active warfare, pensions are paid in advance. Under the ESupport program, 6500 hryvnyas were paid to those who lost their jobs (3.5 million people).

Fifth - the "You are at home" program, or assistance to forced refugees. Three main points of the program - housing, job, money. Currently, 500,000 places have been created for temporary accommodation. Those families who host refugees will be supported with utility bills payments.

As a separate measure, the state will pay refugees on the monthly basis 2 thousand hryvnyas to adults and 3 thousand hryvnyas to children or people with disabilities. A business that hires an immigrant will be paid 6500 hryvnyas as partial compensation for this person's salary.

Sixth point is the "Energy front". Ukraine has forever disconnected from the energy networks of Russia and Belarus and joined the European energy system ENTSO-E. Shmygal called this a historic step. All types of generation work. Coal is in the warehouses. We have 9 billion cubic meters of gas in storage. Gas production of the first 3 months almost did not sag, compared to the previous year.

Regarding fuel at gas stations. We have removed excise duty, reduced VAT from 20% to 7%. Currently, the price of gasoline has fallen by 10 hryvnyas. Agreements have been reached with European refineries to provide the country with fuel. Thousands of tons of fuel are already going to Ukraine.

Seventh item is "Wartime Logistics". Ukrzaliznytsia has become one of the main companies for the state. Thousands of tons of cargo and hundreds of thousands of people are transported every day. Separate logistics routes have been opened for motor transport. New warehouses are being built on the western border, and we plan to open new checkpoints there in the near future.

Eighth - "World with Ukraine". Three key areas: humanitarian aid, sanctions against the aggressor, financial aid.

As for humanitarian aid. It now travels across the border in 10 minutes with a one-page declaration. There are no queues. No permits are required. Since March 4, 160,000 tons of such humanitarian aid have been delivered.

Shmygal also noted that unprecedented sanctions have been imposed on Russia, the aggressor country is isolated.

"But this is certainly not enough. The aggressor should be thrown away not to the 90s, but to the 19th century. He deserves it, so we will continue to talk with partners about the embargo on oil purchase, ban for russian ships to enter European ports, termination of work of all western companies in Russia," - Prime Minister told.

At the same time, we have talks on financial aid for Ukraine every day. We have received more than $3 billion already, $10 billion is now the subject of negotiation. And this is just the beginning.

Ninth point is the recovery of Ukraine. Here are three directions: a competent calculation of all the losses of our people and our state from this aggression; freezing and seizure of all Russian funds, assets abroad, as well as the accumulation of funds from partners in the Fund for recovery of Ukraine.

We are talking about a new Plan for the Recovery of Ukraine, which will unite the countries of the world: from the United States to Japan, from Australia to Canada. European countries are ready to show leadership in this matter, and we hope it will be not only in words, but we will actually see what a united Europe is, what a united world around Ukraine is.

Shmygal stressed that behind each of these programs "there are great professional teams to make everything work for our victory."

"Our strategy for the economic front is set. The state and society are united as never before. Ukrainian people are united as never before. Therefore, we will undoubtedly defeat our enemy," Prime Minister added.

Earlier before Ukraine has eased requirements for food imports.

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