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Yermak: "We Intend to Reach Pace of weekly Tightening of Sanctions Against Russia"

Ukraine's allies are currently working on a new package of sanctions against the aggressor country.

Yermak: "We Intend to Reach Pace of weekly Tightening of Sanctions Against Russia"

The head of the Office of the President, Andriy Yermak, stressed that Ukraine's goal is for sanctions against Russia for military aggression to work effectively.

He stated this in a video message.

Ermak stressed that sanctions must work effectively, without exception, and that this should be a goal for the entire democratic world.

"That is why we have created a group of both Ukrainian and international experts in the OP. They are constantly analyzing the real impact of sanctions ... We intend to reach the pace of weekly increasing sanctions pressure," - said the head of the OP.

According to him, now our allies are working on a new package of sanctions.

Ermak also stressed that Ukraine needs to build a new system of international security.

"A system that will make any aggression against our country impossible in the future. That is why we all and I personally maintain round-the-clock communication with our international partners to work out a quality and effective multilateral security agreement," Ermak said.

Among the countries that can become guarantors of this agreement - the United States, Britain, China, Canada, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland, and Israel.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson stressed that the ceasefire agreement between russia and Ukraine will not be enough to lift sanctions against the aggressor country. He stressed that the pressure on vladimir putin needs to be increased both through further economic measures and military assistance so that russia can completely change course.

Earlier, it became known that the United States and its allies plan to tighten sanctions against Russia in order to destroy critical supply chains. Restrictions will be aimed at alternative military suppliers used by Russia.

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