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Educators of the occupied Melitopol got in touch, - Hrynevych

18 directors of educational institutions in the occupied city resigned despite threats from the occupiers.

Educators of the occupied Melitopol got in touch, - Hrynevych

Educators got in touch from occupied Melitopol.

This was announced on Facebook by the Vice-Rector of Kyiv Hrinchenko University, former Minister of Education Lilia Hrynevych.

"There are no connection and the Internet in the city of Melitopol for 5 days. The occupiers are trying to start the educational process. [the occupiers - tr.] went to the houses of the heads of educational institutions, intimidated them, and ordered them to come to a meeting with the newly appointed pseudo-head of the Department of Education on Wednesday, March 30,” Hrynevych wrote.

She said that 18 directors of educational institutions which are still working in occupied Melitopol had submitted their applications for resigning in the yard of the Automobile Technical School.

"Danilchenko (pseudo mayor) came out accompanied by people armed with machine guns, ordered them [directors - tr.] to enter the room. When they refused and began to walk away quickly, she shouted for everyone to f*ck off from Melitopol today," the ex-minister said.

Hrynevych emphasized that the authorities "must develop mechanisms to support education workers in the occupied territories."

On March 27 connection and the Internet disappeared in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region, which is temporarily occupied by the Russian troops. Instead, Russian operators work in the city.

Earlier it became known that the occupiers are forcing the city's teachers to teach in Russian. And to scare Melitopol educators and force them to cooperate, invaders kidnapped the Head of the city's Department of Education Iryna Shcherbak.

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