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Zelenskyy invited Andrzej Duda to deliver speech to Rada

The Presidents of Ukraine and Poland held a phone call.

Zelenskyy invited Andrzej Duda to deliver speech to Rada
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Photo: EPA/UPG

Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a phone call with the Republic of Poland's President Andrzej Duda, the Office of the President of Ukraine reports.

Zelenskyy congratulated the leader of Poland and all the fraternal Polish people on the 231st anniversary of its Constitution on 3 May.

"Democratic values and traditions, striving for justice, is what unite our states and nations. Today we feel strong leadership support from Poland in the selfless Ukrainian people's fight in the defence of European values. We appreciate that!" – he noted.

Zelenskyy updated the President of Poland on the course of resistance to the aggressor, and the tragic situation in Mariupol. The interlocutors discussed further defence support for Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian state especially pointed out Poland's significant contribution in this direction.

The leaders paid special attention to further sanction pressure on russia.

"Russia has already started an energy war against Poland and the whole of Europe. The EU states have to get rid of energy dependence on russia," – Zelenskyy emphasized.

He also informed his Polish colleague about the start of Ukraine's post-war reconstruction work. Zelenskyy pointed out Poland's essential role in supporting Ukraine's advance to the EU membership and expressed his belief in Brussels's swift adoption of all the necessary decisions.

During the talk, the leaders raised the question of comprehensive help the Republic of Poland's government and people provide to millions of Ukrainians who found temporary refuge from the aggression in a neighboring country. President Zelenskyy in particular thanked Duda and his wife Agatha for their support.

The head of state also invited the President of Poland to deliver a speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson made a speech via video in the Ukrainian parliament.

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