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Ukrainian Air Force destroys two enemy ammunition depots

The occupiers lost two drones, a dozen of armoured vehicles and an air rocket.

Ukrainian Air Force destroys two enemy ammunition depots
Photo: Defence Ministry

Ukrainian troops destroyed a considerable amount of enemy hardware and ammunition in Kyiv and Donetsk regions today, the press service of the Air Force Command has said.

"On 21 June, the Air Force's anti-aircraft units destroyed two unmanned aerial vehicles of the Russian occupying forces in Kyiv Region and Donetsk Region. An air-to-surface missile X-59 was also destroyed by anti-aircraft units," the command said.

Groups of attack aircraft and bombers under the cover of fighters carried out several airstrikes on the enemy's positions. As a result, up to 10 Russian armoured fighting vehicles as well as the personnel were destroyed. Two ammunition depots were also destroyed.

As of 21 June, the Russian army has lost 34,100 servicemen in Ukraine. The invaders also lost 3,606 armoured combat vehicles and 611 operational-level UAVs and many other equipment.

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