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Water level in Inhulets River in Kryvyy Rih subsides

Works at the city's hydrotechnical facilities continue.

Water level in Inhulets River in Kryvyy Rih subsides
Photo: Facebook/Oleksandr Vilkul

Russian shelling of hydrotechnical facilities in Kryvyy Rih has resulted in a temporary rise in the groundwater level. The flooding of residential buildings has been eliminated and pumping of water from the adjacent territories continues, Oleksandr Vilkul, head of the military administration of Kryvyy Rih, has said.

"Summing up the interim results of these three days, I would like to note that the water level in the Inhulets River, which flows through the city, has already returned to its normal level. But the restoration work at hydrotechnical facilities continues - the damage is very serious. And every day there is additional damage," Vilkul said.

He added that drinking water supplies have been resumed across the city.

"About the red colour of water in the Inhulets River. All Kryvyy Roih residents know that this colour comes from a component of iron ore called hematite. That is why you can see red sparrows and red dogs in our city. And now - red water. Because hematite is also used to fill the dams. It is not a big deal - after a few days of rinsing, the water will be of normal colour. Hematite is an inorganic constituent of Fe2O3, iron oxide. And it does not cause any problems", he said

He stressed that drinking water for the city is taken from another location where the water is not red.

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