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Ukrainian army continues to advance in south

However, the concentration of Russia forces on the right bank of Kherson Region is still quite large and strong.

Ukrainian army continues to advance in south
Natalya Humenyuk
Photo: Anna Steshenko

The Ukrainian military continues to advance in the south, the spokesman for the Defence Forces in the south, Natalya Humenyuk, has said, as reported by Kanal 24.

"We continue not only to beat the enemy and 'take over' its equipment, but also to squeeze it out of the defence lines that it has equipped for itself, thinking that reinforced concrete is reinforced concrete. No, the land is ours, and we will pluck them out even through such barriers," she said.

According to Humenyuk, there are reports that the Russians are already pulling up the newly recruited mobilised troops to the south, but this task is very difficult for them. The fact is that the Ukrainian side keeps all transport routes under fire control. And although the Russians are trying to somehow repair them or use alternative means - boats, barges, ferries, pontoons, these efforts have been in vain.

Therefore, the enemy is really experiencing difficulties even in the context of providing the most necessary - Russian units sometimes lack drinking water, sometimes lack protective equipment, sometimes lack ammunition. In such circumstances, the invaders have neither forces, nor reserves, nor motivation for offensive actions. They cannot use this tactic, they devote themselves to counter-battery struggle and try to use aviation. Therefore, she said, the further the Russians stay away from the Armed Forces, the calmer and better they feel.

"But still the concentration of forces on the right bank is still quite large and strong. They carry out manoeuvrers with these forces, depending on the directions in which our troops are taking active measures. That is why we once again emphasize the need to observe information silence in order not to inform the occupier about our intentions and the implementation of our plans," she said.

According to the regional military administration, the situation in Kherson and the region remains extremely difficult. Fighting continues. The enemy shelled five settlements - Vysokopillya, Myrolyubivka, Zarichne, Osokorivka and Novovoznesenske. There are destructions of civilian infrastructure and wounded local residents.

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