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US Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine takes effect

US Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine takes effect
US President Joe Biden signs Ukraine Democracy Defence Lend-Lease Act, 9 May 2022
Photo: EPA/UPG

The USA's Ukraine Democracy Defence Lend-Lease Act came into force today, 1 October, parliament speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk has said.

"Today the US Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine came into force. This means more different and high-quality weapons. Ukraine will definitely regain all its territories," he said.

The Act is expected to remove red tape concerning the supply of military assistance to Ukraine. It was signed by US President Joe Biden on 9 May.

The lend-lease program was created during World War II. This step allowed the United States to quickly replenish the stocks of allies with military equipment and other weapons. The conditions for Ukraine are similar to those that were during World War Two - there is no need to pay for the supplies in advance.

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