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Iran sends its drone trainers to Crimea

The relevant data was published by the New York Times.

Iran sends its drone trainers to Crimea
Iranian Shahed-136"barrage munitions.

Iran has sent instructors to work with attack drones in the occupied Crimea, the New York Times reports with reference to current and former US officials.

This step is another proof of the growing closeness between Tehran and Moscow in the war against Ukraine.

Former Pentagon and CIA official Mick Mulroy noted that sending UAVs and trainers to Ukraine has deeply enmeshed Iran in the war on the side of Russia, resulting in the deaths and injuries of civilians.

The UN human rights body said that deliberate attacks on civilian objects have war crimes characteristics.

According to Western media, on 6 October, Iran signed an agreement with Russia on further strike UAVs and ballistic missiles supplies.

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