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Pope Francis: "Political leaders are playing with fire and missiles"

The Pontiff stressed that religious leaders have a duty to help humanity.

Pope Francis: "Political leaders are playing with fire and missiles"
Pope Francis

At the Bahrain Interfaith Summit, Pope Francis devoted a significant part of his speech to the situation with wars in the world, Ukrinform reports citing Vatican News.

The Pope noted that in a world where there are wars, religious leaders "must set a good example and commit themselves to encourage and assist our human family.”

“After two terrible world wars, a cold war that for decades kept the world in suspense, catastrophic conflicts taking place in every part of the globe, and in the midst of accusations, threats, and condemnations, we continue to find ourselves on the brink of a delicate precipice and we do not want to fall,” Francis said.

He also noted that the world will face bitter consequences if people continue to accentuate conflict instead of understanding. The Head of the Catholic Church called "childlike" the scenario in which political leaders "are playing instead with fire, missiles and bombs, weapons, covering our common home with ashes and hatred."

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