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New military aid package from Sweden includes air defence

It amounts to more than $286 million.

New military aid package from Sweden includes air defence
Swedish anti-tank grenade launcher Saab Carl-Gustaf M4

Sweden will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth more than 3 billion crowns or $286.98 million, Defence Minister Pal Johnson announced, according to Reuters.

Johnson noted that the package will include air defence.

Bloomberg adds that Sweden will also provide new humanitarian aid.

Sweden announced new defence aid to Ukraine last week, but the minister refused to specify what exactly it was, citing operational secrecy and risks associated with the military aid supply.

Jonson only specified that the assistance will include efforts to train the Ukrainian military. In particular, Sweden supports the continuation of the training program for the Ukrainian military in the UK and is considering the possibility of joining the EU training mission.

Sweden regularly provides defence support to Ukraine, in particular, anti-tank weapons.

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