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Russian missile kills one person in Kyiv Region

Twenty more are being provided with medical help.

Russian missile kills one person in Kyiv Region
Photo: Facebook/Andriy Nebytov

One person was killed and 20 people were injured as a result by a Russian missile strike at Kyiv Region, the head of the Kyiv regional police, Andriy Nebytov, has said on the air of the UaRazom telethon.

"We have some damage and are trying to eliminate the consequences as much as we can... Now we can say that tentatively, one citizen was killed and 20 people who were injured," Nebytov said.

The injured are currently being provided with assistance.

"The State Emergency Service is also working on the site. There are ambulances and doctors. We are taking people to hospitals by all possible means of transport. I want to say that our air defence is also working perfectly. I would also like to clarify that our citizens, who, according to 102 [hotline], informed us on the acoustic detection of missiles approaching Kyiv, did a perfect job," he said.

He also stressed that people should make certain reserves: charge phones and create at least a small supply of water, etc.

As a result of today's massive Russian missile strike, critical infrastructure and residential buildings were damaged in Kyiv Region.

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