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Kyiv receives generators, heat guns from Riga

The equipment will be distributed today.

Kyiv receives generators, heat guns from Riga

Kyiv received humanitarian aid from Riga - Latvian partners handed over 49 generators and heat guns, said Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Petro Panteleev.

As early as Friday, 9 December, the equipment will be delivered to those facilities that need it, including heating points.

A heat gun is capable of warming up a fairly large area.

"Kyiv city authorities and citizens express their gratitude to the city of Riga and Latvians who continue to support us in this difficult and terrible period of war waged by Russia. Now the enemy is deliberately targeting energy facilities, trying to deprive Ukrainians of electricity and heat. In fact, this is a direct war with the civilian population," said Panteleev.

He mentioned that in the absence of a centralised water supply, the city managed to ensure the operation of water pumps from generators.

The official also noted that Riga has been constantly helping the Ukrainian capital and its residents since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. Thus, in spring, Kyiv received passenger buses from Riga.

Earlier it was reported that the Latvian government would allocate €2.4 million to cover the costs associated with the provision of medical services to Ukrainian refugees.

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