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Der Spiegel: Germany to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine

The model in question is Leopard 2A6.

Der Spiegel: Germany to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine
Photo: US Army Europe

After months of debate, Chancellor Scholz has agreed to deliver battle tanks to Ukraine, Der Spiegel has reported.

According to the website's information, at least one company of Leopard 2A6s is considered.

The German government wants to grant permission for the export of such tanks, which are owned by other states such as Poland.

The German decision was apparently preceded by intensive consultations over several days with the allies, especially in Washington. Scholz had always stressed that he only wanted to supply battle tanks in cooperation with other nations such as the USA.

According to Der Spiegel, the German Leopard tanks are to come from Bundeswehr stocks. In the medium to long term, further battle tanks from industry stocks could be prepared for deployment.

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