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Zelenskyy recalls first victorious battles, pledges more ahead

Zelenskyy recalls first victorious battles, pledges more ahead
Photo: Ukrainian presidential office

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has recalled the first victorious battles, including near the village of Moshchun in Kyiv Region, in 2022.

In his evening speech, he pledged Ukraine would liberate all of its lands occupied by Russia.

The following is the full text of his speech published on the official presidential website:

"Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

I have just spoken with the President of Chile, it was a good conversation. We updated our countries' vision of the current situation in international relations.

I briefed Mr. President on how Russia continues its aggression. I also informed him about how we can counteract Russian terror and do so successfully.

And the best proof of this is our experience. The experience Ukrainians have already gained in expelling the Russian occupiers. Thanks to the bravery of our warriors, thanks to the support of our partners who will never accept Russia's desire to break the international legal order.

Today, Ukraine began to mark the first anniversary of the first victorious battles of the full-scale war - the battles in the north of our country that made the occupier flee.

It was on March 21 last year that the Battle of Moshchun, a small village in the Kyiv region, ended, and it was the first major step of our country towards victory in this war.

There were other such steps... The Battle of Hostomel. The Battle of Irpin. Fighting in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions. The Battle of Zmiinyi. A fierce confrontation in the south of Ukraine and our unique defense operation that returned freedom to the Kharkiv region.

We will achieve the same result in other active actions. In the heroic battle for Donbas, which will inevitably be dominated by the Ukrainian flag. In the subsequent confrontation in the south, which will restore normal Ukrainian life in the Azov region. In the return of our Crimea, from where the migration of the most far-sighted rats of the terrorist state has already begun.

Our confidence in Ukraine's victory, our vision of a free future for our country, Ukrainian heroism that has amazed the world - all of this was born there... In the heroic cities of the Ukrainian north, Ukrainian east, and Ukrainian south.

In the cities of heroes whose character did not submit to the occupier for a second, even when the occupier came to their homes.

Together, we are returning Ukraine to Ukraine. Together, we are protecting our future, our dignity, our freedom, and our history.

Today, I honored the heroes of the Battle for Moshchun – for Kyiv – in the very place where a memorial will be built in honor of our warriors and ordinary Moshchun residents whose lives were taken by this brutal war.

Today, the guest of our country, Prime Minister of Japan Kishida, began his visit to Ukraine with a visit to Bucha. To honor the memory of all those whose lives were taken by Russian terror. Mr. Kishida visited the Wall of Remembrance in Kyiv, near St. Michael's Cathedral, and honored our warriors who died for Ukraine.

And it is very important when global leaders show courage by visiting Ukraine despite all the risks and show respect - respect for our people who are fighting not only for their country, for Ukrainian independence, but also for the preservation and functioning of civilized rules and civilized life in the world.

Our talks with Mr. Kishida were quite productive. It should be borne in mind that this visit is taking place at a time of Japan’s G7 Presidency - the Group of Seven democratic states. So, given Japan's strength, its leadership in Asia in defending peace and the rules-based international order, and Japan's responsibility as the G7 chair, our talks today can truly yield a global result.

We discussed security, political, sanctions, economic and humanitarian issues. Japan is ready to join our reconstruction, to be a leader in these economic and infrastructural processes.

But today I also heard Japan's very concrete willingness to work together with us to mobilize the world even more actively for international order, for the protection against aggression, against Russian terror.

Thank you, Japan!

Thank you to everyone who helps us defend freedom and liberate our land!

Glory to each and every one who is now in combat! Glory to each and every one who is fighting for Ukraine near Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Vuhledar and all other hot spots of the frontline!

Today, I held a meeting of the Staff. The main topic is the frontline. Our warriors, our positions, our reinforcement. The commanders, the Commander-in-Chief and the intelligence delivered reports. One of the issues that always receives maximum attention is the supply of ammunition and support from our partners. We expect an increase in supplies of exactly what we need right now.

And one more thing. Today I would like to especially mention the 10th separate mountain assault brigade, the 54th and 92nd separate mechanized brigades, which are fighting in Donbas. Steadfastly, courageously and effectively. Well done, guys!

Glory to our heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!"

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