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Intelligence sheds light on Trojan Camel special op to rescue Ukrainians from Sudan

Ukrainian intelligence involved locals in special operations and used the declared truce.

Intelligence sheds light on Trojan Camel special op to rescue Ukrainians from Sudan
Photo: Main Intelligence Directorate

Ukrainian military intelligence officers conducted a special operation, called Trojan Camel, in Sudan to evacuate Ukrainians, the Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate has said.

A bloody massacre broke out in the country between government forces and paramilitary groups cooperating with the Wagner PMC two weeks ago.

"The African state plunged into chaos with shooting, artillery duels and the use of aircraft right in the cities, including Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, from where Ukrainian citizens had to be quickly rescued," it said.

Most Ukrainians in Sudan worked in the aviation industry. This fact significantly increased the risks, as the airport immediately turned into a battlefield, where Ukrainian citizens were blocked without food and water.

The special forces group consisted of fewer than 10 people. Ukrainian intelligence involved locals in the special operation and took advantage of the declared ceasefire.

"Compared to the US rescue operations that involved helicopters, armoured vehicles, special forces, or Saudi Arabia's missile cruiser in the port of Sudan, we acted alone without armoured vehicles, aircraft and heavy weapons, because all our forces are now engaged at the front," said military intelligence officer Yarema, who took part in the special operation.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko said that Ukraine had evacuated 91 people from Sudan.

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