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Reznikov named three ingredients of counteroffensive

One of them is a constant renewal of all losses.

Reznikov named three ingredients of counteroffensive
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Three things are necessary for a Ukrainian counteroffensive: the availability of the necessary weapons, trained defenders, and ensuring offensive actions with all the necessary things.

The third point includes the constant renewal of all supplies, from clothing to shells, Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said in an interview on the air of the news telethon.

"These are the three components. And I believe that as of today, we are reaching the finish line when we can say: yes, everything is ready. And then, based on the decision and understanding of the situation on the battlefield, the General Staff, the Commander-in-Chief and his team will understand how, where and when," he stressed.

Reznikov added that this is a war of resources, and the Russians are using weapons and ammunition which have been accumulated over decades. Previously, the Russians used to fire up to 60,000 rounds per day, but now this number has decreased. However, for Ukraine, the issue of ammunition is acute. The issue is not so much the quantity as the quality of the artillery.

Last week, Reznikov said that preparations for the counteroffensive were coming to an end. In addition to receiving weapons and military equipment, it was also important to master them, he noted. Some training programmes are still ongoing.

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