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Russia attacks southern Ukraine with 38 missiles, drones

Eighteen of them were shot down.

Russia attacks southern Ukraine with 38 missiles, drones
Photo: Telegram/Air Force

Last night, Russia attacked Ukraine's southern regions of Odesa and Mykolayiv by launching 19 cruise missiles and 19 attack UAVs.

Ports, berths, residential buildings and retail chains were hit, the Ukrainian Air Force has said.

The Russians fired:

· seven Oniks cruise missiles from the Bastion coastal missile system (Crimea)

· four Kh-22 air-launched cruise missiles launched from eight Tu-22MZ aircraft (Black Sea)

· three sea-launched Kalibr cruise missiles, presumably launched from a submarine (Black Sea)

· Five Iskander-K land-launched cruise missiles (Crimea)

· 19 Shahed-136/131 strike UAVs from two directions - south (Chauda, Crimea) and northeast (Kursk).

"As a result of combat work, the forces and means of the Air Force, in cooperation with units of other components of the Ukrainian Defence Forces, destroyed 18 air targets," the Air Force said.

Destroyed were:

· Two Kalibr sea-launched cruise missiles

· Three Iskander-K land-based cruise missiles

· 13 Shahed-136/131 attack drones

At least 18 people were wounded in central Mykolayiv. Four people were wounded in Odesa.

Since 17 July, when Russia unilaterally withdrew from the grain deal, its troops have been attacking the port infrastructure from which grain was exported, every night. Yesterday's strike burnt down 60,000 tonnes of grain which was to be shipped to China.

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