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Three series of explosions occurred in Crimea overnight

The occupiers claimed it was a drone attack. 

Three series of explosions occurred in Crimea overnight
Photo: Google Maps

Explosions were heard in Crimea at night and in the morning. The Russians have not commented on them, and no exercises have been announced at this time, writes the Radio Liberty project Crimea Realities.

Their correspondent reported that in the centre of Sevastopol, loud sounds similar to explosions or artillery shots were heard in the morning. They were coming from the area of Kozacha Bay, where the Kozachyy training ground of the 810th Separate Marine Brigade of the Russian Federation is located nearby.

Prior to that, explosions were heard around 7:51 a.m., as well as at night - near Kerch, Feodosia and Staryy Krym. The Crimean Wind Telegram channel reported more than a dozen explosions in Kerch. According to Russian authorities, the Kerch bridge was blocked for more than four hours. Russian telegram channels also reported loud explosions in Feodosia.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said that Crimea was allegedly attacked by drones and that all of them were neutralised. The Russians always say they have shot down or jammed Ukrainian UAVs, although they are at least partially reaching and hitting their targets.

  • Crimea remains one of Russia's military footholds used for air attacks on the free part of Ukraine, storage of weapons and ammunition, and logistical support for the occupiers. The first major attack on a Russian facility in Crimea took place last year, when the Defence Forces hit the Crimean Bridge. The overpass was damaged but not completely destroyed, but the SBU stressed that the bridge was a legitimate military target. Another major attack on the Crimean bridge took place on the night of 17 July. The overpass built by the occupiers was attacked by surface drones. According to the interlocutors of the editorial office, this was a special operation of the Navy and the SBU.
  • In general, during the full-scale war in Crimea, Russian military bases, a shipyard, air defence systems, warehouses and military units were burned. The defence forces are gradually destroying Russian stockpiles in the occupied territory. One of the biggest Crimean defeats for Russia this year was the attack on the Russian missile carrier Askold, which was stationed in Kerch, attacked by three SCAPL/Storm Shadow missiles. 
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