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Gorshenin Institute head: Great war of smear campaigns ahead

The prime minister’s team will not hang back, the expert says.

The confrontation between the competing teams in power has not stopped¸ but passed into a latent phase. This was stated by President of the Gorshenin Institute Vadym Omelchenko, commenting on the statement of the Prime Minister that the government “is fully legitimate" and the responsibility for instability in the country rests with the President and the coalition.

"Since there is no legal possibility to change the configuration of the authorities (except for voluntary resignation of the Prime Minister) after the vote in the Parliament on February 16, we will face a great war of smear campaigns,” the President of the Gorshenin Institute said. “The force-majeure circumstances are needed to foreground the issue of reconfiguration of the authorities. Moreover, if the President's team has gone into the offensive till now, the team of the Prime Minister is unlikely to hang back having felt certain confidence."

"The stove-piping we have seen in recent weeks is only a ‘ranging salvo’ while the ‘nuclear warheads’ are somewhere on their way,” Vadym Omelchenko said. “Stuffing of a charge may be different, but it will be focused rather on the offices of the Ukrainian partners in the West than on the Ukrainian constituencies."

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