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Ukraine asks EU, USA for more pressure to have Savchenko released

Petro Poroshenko hopes for international diplomacy.

Ukraine asks EU, USA for more pressure to have Savchenko released

On Monday, Ukraine appealed to the USA and the European Union countries to turn up the pressure on Russia for release of Ukrainian Nadiya Savchenko, President Petro Poroshenko says.

"The Consul General of Ukraine in Rostov, who, at my request visited Nadiya Savchenko, informed about the state of her health. He is to try to see her tomorrow again. Today, Ukraine has appealed a letter to the EU countries and the USA aiming at turning up the pressure on Russia for Nadiya’s release," Poroshenko wrote on Facebook.

As noted before, on Thursday, Savchenko was to have said her last plea in the Donetsk city court of Rostov region on Thursday, where the court was to have delivered the final judgement afterwards. Nevertheless, the judge suddenly announced a break in the hearing till 9 March.

In response, Savchenko declared the dry hunger strike, stating that she will either die or be extradited to Ukraine.

"Russia has not more than 10 days to extradite me to Ukraine where they had kidnapped me! It doesn’t matter to me how they will ground this! I’ve heard about Petro Poroshenko’s quite good abilities in diplomacy. I hope that his diplomacy abilities will be enough to agree in Russia with one idiot, as he promised my mother that I would be at hope on May holidays 2015," Savchenko stated in her last word published on 3 March.

After this, Poroshenko promised to double efforts on Savchenko’s return.

Earlier, on 2 March, Savchenko spoke in court with the speech saying that she rejected the exchange into Russian militants Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Yevgeniy Erofeev.

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