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Ukrainian investigative MP says being illegally followed

He insists corruption fighters are being wiretapped.

Ukrainian investigative MP says being illegally followed
Serhiy Leshchenko

Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction MP Sergiy Leshchenko has said he is being illegally followed.

"We, corruption fighters, are being illegally followed, our phone conversations are being wiretapped, information and confidential data about us are being illegally collected. I am glad that the NABU (National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine) has completed its check timely. I am clean as a whistle," he said at a briefing.

The MP did not say who else is being wiretapped apart from him.

The NABU has finished checking the purchase of an upmarket apartment by Leshchenko. The check has revealed some corruption-linked administrative offences: the MP was given an interest-free loan and did not report his mother's income in his income statement. The NABU did not find any proof that Leshchenko had bought the apartment below its market value. The NABU will send its conclusions to the National Agency for Preventing Corruption.

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