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MP fails to fix trillion hryvnia prank in his e-declaration

Melnychuk may look at criminal responsibility.

Verkhovna Rada deputy Serhiy Melnychuk (Will of the People) filed on 8 November a revised of his electronic declaration of incomes and assets that it is no different from the original version flashing the lawmaker's owning trillion hryvnia in cash.

According to the law, after filling the electronic declaration, a declarant has seven days to make changes, by submitting an amended version. The declaration can be amended to only once.

Melnychuk has filed his e-declaration on 29 October, and had the right to amend it before 6 November.

As of 9:30 on Tuesday in the registry showed two declarations by Melnychuk: the original and corrected. Both declarations show Melnychuk owning a trillion hryvnya in cash.

Melnychuk now face criminal liability. According to the law, the submission of false data in declarations of income is a crime if such information is different from the authentic is worth more than 250 minimum wages, that is, 362,500 hryvnya.

On 1 November, Serhiy Melnychuk said he indicated a trillion hryvnia cash assets in his e-declaration in order to attract attention. Melnychuk promised to correct the declaration and indicate 10m hryvnia income.

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