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Three wounded in sentries' shoot-out in Kherson Region

The incident happened at an artillery warehouse.

Three wounded in sentries' shoot-out in Kherson Region

Three servicemen have been wounded as a result of a conflict between sentries at field artillery warehouses in Kherson Region. They received gunshot wounds, UNIAN has quoted a representative of the regional department of the National Police as saying.

Medics told police that the three wounded servicemen were admitted to the district hospital in Hola Prystan. One was shot at his right hip, another at his crotch and the third one had a non-penetrating wound to his torso.

A conflict broke out between the sentries in the early hours of 7 December, as a result of which two opened gun fire, wounding each other and the third servicemen who tried to intervene.

An investigation is underway. If found guilty, the sentries risk three to 10 years in jail.

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