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Parliament repeals "Savchenko Law"

One day pre-trial detention again equals one day in prison.

Parliament repeals "Savchenko Law"
Photo: Photo: Ksenia Kravtsova

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, 18 May, passed a bill that de facto repeals the provisions of the "Savchenko's law" that equalled one day of pre-trial detention in jail to two days in prison.

The bill supported by 227 people's deputies amends part 5 of Article 72 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sets forth that courts shall count the period of pretrial detention at the rate of one day of pretrial detention for one day of imprisonment

The law on the counting of one day of pre-trial detention for two days of the main punishment sponsored by MP Nadiya Savchenko's came into force in December 2015.

By November 2016, 8,500 people were released early from prison under the "Savchenko's law" and 35,000 people were to be released.

Of the already released persons, 906 committed repeated crimes, including 27 murders, 21 serious bodily injuries, 12 rapes, 670 thefts, 172 robberies, 68 robberies, 43 frauds and 23 hooliganism.

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