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Ukraine slams anti-dumping duties on Russian fertilizers

The government proposes to introduce a zero duty on fertilizer imports.

Ukraine slams anti-dumping duties on Russian fertilizers
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Ukrainian Cabinet's Interdepartmental Commission for International Trade (ICIT) on May 18 decided to resume the anti-dumping measures regarding the import of nitrogen fertilizers (carbamide and CAS) to Ukraine from the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development said in a release on Friday.

A 31.84% duty will be applied to all urea and UAN products originating in the Russian Federadion.

An ICIT probe established the facts of dumping, which damages domestic producers of chemical fertilizers and threatens the food security of Ukraine.

The Russian Federation is the main supplier of fertilizers to Ukraine (80-90% of the total volume).

The ICIT urged the diversification of fertilizer supplies to Ukraine (from China, the Middle East, the US etc).

In this regard, the government on May 18 approved a draft law that would impose a zero-rate duty for the importation of mineral fertilizers of the nitrogen group in Ukraine. The bill is intended to stimulate the export of nitrogen fertilizers to Ukraine, ensure high competition and prevent price hikes on the domestic market.

On 27 December, 2016, the ICIT adopted a resolution on the introduction of anti-dumping duties on the import of carbamide and CAS from Russia. The resolution was suspended in a month on the request of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food for the period of spring field works.

In a while, Dmitry Firtash's chemical plants have been halted. The holding warned that they can close altogether.

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