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Ukraine's stock market laid low by malware

Major stock exchanges did not work in the morning.

The stock market of Ukraine has not recovered after the attack of the Petya.A ransomware. The industry publication Finclub said on Thursday, 29 June, that all the major Ukrainian stock exchanges - Perspectiva, PFTS and Ukrainian Exchange did not work. The Perspective's website was down.

Press services of PFTS and the Ukrainian Exchange issued identical reports that "the start of trading was postponed until the restoration of clearing and settlement infrastructure of the securities market."

The National Depository of Ukraine (NDU), which registers securities, and the Settlement Center (SC), which provides cash settlements for operations with securities, ceased to work because of cyberattacks on Tuesday, while the Ukrainian Exchange and PFTS ended the day in normal mode. They had to freeze operation in connection with problems at the NDU and RC.

The website of the National Depository says that the opening of operations will be announced later in the day.

The site of the Settlement Center bank does not work. According to market participants, the company's computers and all databases remain blocked by the virus and it is not known whether they will be able to recover data, to what extent and when.

Trading in futures on the Ukrainian Exchange goes as usual, except for futures and options contracts for the index of Ukrainian stock, which will be traded as soon as the stock market resumes work.

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