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Two LPR "MPs" killed in Luhansk

The names and circumstances are not disclosed.

Two LPR "MPs" killed in Luhansk
Photo: Photo: LIC

Two "people's deputies" of the self-proclaimed separatist Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) were killed in Luhansk.

LPR "prosecutor-general" Hryhoriy Tsevenko said that "two persons, who were the deputies of the LPR people's council, were killed in a private house in Luhansk's Kamyanobridskyy district in the early hours of 27 August". He described the killing as "notable".

The circumstances of the murder and the names of the victims are not disclosed.

In early February, the head of the LPR people's militia died in a car explosion. A former deputy head of the "people's militia" followed his suit in March.

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