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Ukraine's Agrarian Ministry reports record grain yield

It says 37.3m tonnes of grain has been harvested by 28 August.

Ukraine's Agrarian Ministry reports record grain yield
Photo: Photo: presidential press service

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy has reported a record grain yield in the history of independent Ukraine.

A report on the ministry's website reads that by 28 August, the harvesting of early grain and leguminous crops on the area of 9.6m ha was completed and 37.3m tonnes of grain has been harvested. Fifteen Ukrainian regions have demonstrated the highest yield over the entire period of Ukraine's independence, that is since 1991.

The harvest figures demonstrate the record yield of barley, rye and rape.

The highest yield of cereals and leguminous plants in the Khmelnytskyy Region is 5,660 kg per ha; Ivano-Frankivsk, 5,210 kg per ha; Vinnytsya, 5,000 kg per ha; Ternopil Region, 4,980 kg per ha; Chernivtsi, 4,880 kg per ha.

Ukraine has threshed 8.6m tonnes of barley with the average yield of 3,430 kg per ha; 471,000 tonnes of rye with the yield of 2,830 kg per ha; and 2.1m tonnes of rapeseed with the yield of 2,760 kg per ha.

In addition, by 28 August, Ukraine has collected 26.6m tonnes of wheat with the yield of 4,180 kg per ha; 487,000 tonnes of oats with the yield of 2,500 kg per ha; 1.1 m tonnes of peas with the yield of 2,670 kg per ha; 41,000 tonnes of buckwheat with the yield of 1,080 kg per ha; 29,000 tonnes of millet with the yield of 1,510 kg per ha.

The largest batch of grain was harvested in Odesa Region, 3.8m tonnes, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv regions, 2.8m tonnes, Dnipropetrovsk Region, 2.6m tonnes, Vinnytsya Region, 2.4m tonnes, Mykolayiv Region, 2.3m tonnes.

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