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General Staff defines key servicemen-related bills

"We provide materials, the rest is not up to us."

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has determined for the Verkhovna Rada a number of key bills and hopes for their speedy adoption, the representative of the General Staff Andriy Fomin said this at a round table at Gorshenin Institute on Thursday, September 14.

Among the priorities Fomin named the bill №5027 amending the Law On Social and Legal protection of servicemen and their families."

"There is a situation when there are officers who are compensated for subleasing their housing, and there are privates and sergeants who unfortunately cannot receive the subsidy. The bill suggests amending the legislation and provide that in case of failure to provide this category of servicemen although living in barracks or family dormitories had the opportunity to receive this subsidy for sublease," said Fomin.

Another priority is the bill amending the Laws on contract military service.

"There are a number of bills that deal with gender equality, that is, it is expected that the conditions of service will change with regard to female servicemen. There are issues related to one-time cash aid. There are bills that concern the improvement of military service concerning the dismissal of those who voluntarily left the military units, their number is significant," he said.

Fomin stressed that the General Staff is doing everything in its power to have these bills passed in the parliament.

"We are working, provide materials, the rest is not up to us," he said.

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