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Gorshenin Institute holds round table "Protecting the defenders: mission (im)possible"

Why bills important for military are being blocked?

Gorshenin Institute holds round table "Protecting the defenders: mission (im)possible"

On Thursday, 14 September, is streaming an online broadcast roundtable "Protecting the defenders: mission (im)possible." The event is held within the information partnership between Gorshenin Institute and the Reanimation Package of Reforms think tank.

Since the beginning of the war in the East, people's deputies have submitted over 250 bills aimed at strengthening Ukraine's defence capabilities and enhancing social protection of the participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war. However, this legislative spam in no way helps protecting the rights of veterans and ATO fighters, as a number of issues have not been addressed yet. In particular:

  •  The identification of personnel by creating a database of servicemen DNA and the use of DNA analysis for posthumous identification (bill № 2001);
  •  The allocation of a lump-sum cash benefit for the families of members of the Russian-Ukrainian war in case of diseases, injuries, contusions, or death after discharge from military service (bill № 6268 – 1);
  •  On the military service by the participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war after an injury (bill No. 6052);
  •  The establishment of equal benefits in case of death, disability or partial disability for all the servicemen of the Armed Forces, including foreigners (bill No. 6689);
  •  The dismissal from the military service of military personnel in connection with their absence in the duty station for more than two months without good reason, which will facilitate the rapid replacement of officers and the completion of vacations in the Armed Forces (bill No. 5640);
  •  Prompt decision-making on the dismissal of servicemen, against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated for the absence without leave, and declaring them wanted, which will also facilitate the prompt replacement of vacations (bill No. 5062);
  •  The provision of compensation for the rent of housing for privates, sergeants and warrant officers in the military service under the contract (bill No. 5027);
  •  The conclusion of contracts for military service or women on equal terms with male officers (bill No. 6109).

On the whole, the Verkhovna Rada urgently needs to adopt 27 bills for a comprehensive solution of the problems. Who and why is blocking the adoption of these bills? Why should they be taken immediately? Is there any chance to hold a special plenary session in the Verkhovna Rada to consider these bills?

These and other questions will be answered by:

 Lesya Vasilenko, Chairman of the Legal Hundred NGO;

 Valentyn Varava, RPR expert (National Security and Defence Group), a member of the Volunteer Council under the Ministry of Defence;

 Ihor Maltsev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Service of Ukraine on Veterans and the Participants of the Anti-terrorist Operation;

 Andriy Fomin, a representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The conference will be moderated by Anna Mayboroda, co-chair of Volunteer Council under the Ministry of Defence.

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