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Moldova denies asylum to fugitive Ukrainian judge

Notorious judge Mykola Chaus will be extradited to Ukraine.

Moldova denies asylum to fugitive Ukrainian judge

The commission under the president of Moldova has rejected Ukrainian judge Mykola Chaus's request for political asylum, reported with a reference to Maxim Lebedinsky, a legal adviser to the resident of Moldova.

Mykola Chaus was detained in Moldova on 28 February on the request of the Prosecutor-General's Office of Ukraine. He is suspected of receiving a 150,000-dollar bribe in August 2016 for issuing a suspended sentence for a 74-year-old woman trading in prescription drugs and narcotic substances.

The corrupt judge was caught stashing the bribe in glass jars in his backyard.

Chaus was not detained because of his judicial immunity and escaped to Russia-occupied Crimea. The judge was stripped of immunity to prosecution after his escape.

Ukraine has long sought the extradition of Chaus.

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