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Protesters clash with police at Rada rally

Protesters snatched out more riot shields from policemen.

Protesters and policemen clashed again at a protest rally opposite the parliament building on Wednesday, 18 October. Police are using tear gas, an correspondent reported.

On Tuesday, the participants of the rally snatched out a few riot shields from policemen. In response the police opened criminal proceedings on the fact "theft of the property of officers of the National Guard."

Photo: Oleksandr Rudomanov

Police detained eight participants of the clash and took them to a police station.

Recall, the participants of the rally in front of the parliament demand changing the election system in Ukraine, in particular, adopting a proportional system with open party lists, creation of an anti-corruption court, and abolition of parliamentary immunity.

The deputies agreed on Thursday to consider two of the three requirements. A bill on an anti-corruption court to satisfy all parties yet does not exist.

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