Anticorruption court cannot be autonomous – MP

MP Serhiy Alexeyev believes that the bill should be drafted in the Presidential Administration

Deputy Head of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice, MP Serhiy Alexeyev (Petro Poroshenko Bloc) says that Ukraine should create a separate anti-corruption court in accordance with the international obligations.

"Ukraine has made a commitment to establish an anti-corruption court, so the question is not whether it should be created or not. In Europe, there are the specialized courts, for example, in Germany there is court considering only bankruptcy cases. However, such courts are part of national judicial systems and so should be the Anti-Corruption court in Ukraine. It cannot be autonomous," Olekseyev said on Monday in an interview to

The deputy believes that it is "only logical that this bill should be worked out in the Presidential Administration, where the Council for Judicial Reform has been set up."

"The Council is composed of members of different factions, including myself, Oksana Syroid, Leonid Yemets (People's Front), etc. If need be, other people's deputies, interested in the development of the draft law on the anti-corruption court, can join the working group," he added.

"The debate on the establishment of a working group for the development of this bill continue but this issue will be resolved in the near future. It is irrelevant whether the working group is formed in presidential administration or the parliament. Either way, it will be drafted by the same deputies," the lawmaker concluded.

Earlier, President Petro Poroshenko said that he would submit his own bill on anti-corruption court, even if the deputies would not join the development of the document.

Previously, Poroshenko opposed the creation of a separate anti-corruption court but then proposed to write a new bill instead of two draft laws registered in the parliament.

The Venice Commission criticized both these draft laws, but upheld the idea and suggested that Poroshenko introduce a new bill on his own behalf.

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