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Okuyeva's murder is contract killing - police

Investigators are working on the scene.

Okuyeva's murder is contract killing - police
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Law enforcers are investigating the murder of Amina Okuyeva as ф contract killing, a spokesman for Kyiv national police department Mykola Zhukovych said on 112-Ukraine TV channel on Tuesday.

Zhukovych said that investigative and operational groups, and forensic experts resumed work at the crime scene in the daylight. All police forces are brought to the state of amber alert.

He said that Adam Osmayev was hospitalised in satisfactory condition.

A photo of the shot car posted on Facebook indicates that the vehicle received six AK bullets from the right side of the road.

On Monday, 30 October, at about 8 pm, unknown persons from an ambush on the side of the road near the railway station Hlevakha, Vasylkiv district, shot on the car, which drove Amina Okuyeva and her husband Adam Osmayev. The woman was mortally wounded in the head, her husband sustained a wound in the leg.

Serhiy Knyazev, the chief of National Police, did not rule out that that the incident will be qualified as a terrorist act.

On June 1, Osmayev and Okuyeva survived an assassination attempt. Osmayev, who was accused in Russia of plotting an attempt on President Putin's life, came for an interview with an allegedly French journalist, who pulled out a gun and fired at Osmayev.

Okuyeva fired back and wounded the attacker, having thus saved her husband's life.

Amin Okuyeva, a native of Odesa, was fighting against Russia-backed militants in Donbas. She took part in the creation of the Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion, commanded by her husband.

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