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Picketers beat up minister's advisor in front of court

Push comes to shove between Zorian Shkiryak and the supporters of Kolmohorov.

An adviser to interior minister, Zorian Shkiryak, was beaten up in front of the building of the Supreme Specialized Court in the capital centre on Monday, 6 November.

At the exit of the building a skirmish built up between Shkiryak and the people who came to support at the trial Serhiy Kolmohorov, a border guard. The crowd surrounded the minister's adviser and started beating him up shouting "finally we got to you".

Shkiryak was pulled out of the skirmish by police officers.

Before the court's session Shkiryak stated that he fully supported Kolmohorov and believes that he is innocent. Shkiryak expressed hope that the court will return the case for retrial.

A Mariupol court sentenced Ukrainian border guard Serhiy Kolmohorov to 13 years in prison after he stopped on an order of his superior a car with the offenders at the checkpoint. In the ensuing shootout a woman was incidentally killed.

State Border Service and border guard veterans hope the sentence will be reviewed. A court of appeal upheld the verdict, after which the controversial case was sent to the Supreme Special Court.

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