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Budget-paid workers evacuated from Chornobyl zone over fire

It is not clear whether they are to report to work tomorrow.

Budget-paid workers evacuated from Chornobyl zone over fire

Employees of state-owned companies in the area of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant were evacuated at noon because of the forest fire there. has learnt this from Ruslan Duel, an employee of the state-owned company ChornobylPromEnerhoBud.

"I have personally been observed the fire from the side of station since the morning. I can also confirm the fact that the forest was being extinguished. Our company's staff was informed that we have to leave our workplaces. It was back at noon. We have not been informed what we are going to do tomorrow and whether we are to report to work," he said.

The company is located in the town of Chornobyl, Kyiv Region.

As reported earlier, the fire broke out in a wooded area in the Chornobyl exclusion zone. Firefighting efforts are underway. According to the State Emergencies Service, the radiation level is within the norm.

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