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Lawyer says Sentsov looks worse

"I will last as long as I can."

Lawyer says Sentsov looks worse
Oleh Sentsov

Lawyer Dmitriy Dinze has visited Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov imprisoned in Russia's Labytnangi, according to Russian journalist Anton Naumlyuk's Facebook post.

"He looks worse than last time. Very pale. He walks on his own. About ago he had a second health crisis. He felt sick and they wanted to hospitalize him to force-feed him, to administer him more mix. He refused and he was delivered to a colony on condition that he will take a mix under a doctor's supervision. He takes two spoons a day," Naumlyuk quoted the lawyer as saying.

"He is held in a hospital room and he is not going to stop his hunger strike. He says: 'I will last as long as I can'," he added.

According to Naumlyuk, Sentsov suggested that Ukraine should be taking more active efforts to release other political prisoners.

He also sent his hello to so-called "Crimean saboteurs" Yevhen Panov and Volodymyr Balukh.

Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in a tight-security colony on terrorism charges, which in his case are considered to be politically motivated in Ukraine and the world.

Since 15 May, Sentsov has been on a hunger strike demanding the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia and territories under its control.

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