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Government unblocks Health Ministry’s operation

Ulyana Suprun may continue to act as health minister.

Government unblocks Health Ministry’s operation

The Cabinet of Ministers has issued a resolution allowing Ulyana Suprun to perform the duties of acting health minister, except for the exclusive duties of health minister as a member of the Cabinet of Ministers as regulated by the government resolution “On the procedure for carrying out ministers’ duties if they are temporarily unavailable”.

“This resolution is a consolidated government decision which allows unblocking the most critical aspects of the Ukrainian Health Ministry’s operation. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine took this extraordinary step because the work of the ministry had been blocked by a decision of Kyiv’s district administrative court,” the Health Ministry’s press service said.

In particular, this will unblock the dispatch of vaccinations and medicines to the regions, 44 Ukrainians will be able to go abroad for treatment, and it will be possible to settle other urgent matters.

Last week, a court suspended acting Health Minister Ulyana Suprun on the motion of populist Radical Party MP Ihor Mosiychuk.

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