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Zelenskyy dismisses several ambassadors

The president's office announced 12 dismissals.

Zelenskyy dismisses several ambassadors
Photo: The president's press service

On 19 July, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy dismissed a number of ambassadors.

According to decree No 530-530, the following ambassadors are being recalled to Ukraine:

Serhiy Pasko, ambassador to Jordan, was appointed in July 2010,

Yuriy Dyudin, ambassador to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, was appointed in September 2013,

Tetyana Izhevska, ambassador to the Holy See, was appointed in March 2007,

Valentyn Shevalev, ambassador to Turkmenistan, was appointed in July 2010,

Borys Humenyuk, ambassador to Cyprus, was appointed in February 2012,

Oleksiy Shovkoplyas, ambassador to Vietnam and Cambodia, was appointed in June 2010,

Petro Lytvyn, ambassador to Armenia, was appointed in June 2018,

Valeriy Aleksandruk, ambassador to Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Sierra Leone, was appointed in March 2015,

Taras Kuzmych, ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, was appointed in December 2018,

Yaroslav Koval, ambassador to Morocco, was appointed in February 2011,

Valeriy Chalyy, ambassador to the USA, was appointed in July 2015.

Early reports about a pending dismissal first appeared on 15 July. The president's office said then that 12 ambassadors, including Chalyy, were to be replaced.

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