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"Garbage" problem can be solved by online monitoring of tank filling - Pavel Marakhovskiy

"Garbage" problem can be solved by online monitoring of tank filling - Pavel Marakhovskiy
Pavel Marakhovskiy

The use of special sensors makes it possible to determine how full the garbage container is and to call a special vehicle for waste collection in time. Installing sensors using a smart lighting network will not require significant investments.

The "Umnyj gorod" ("Smart City") project manager, "Infomir", Pavel Marakhovskiy said during the broadcast of "Novyj ranok" on NV radio about the possibilities to solve the problem of untimely garbage collection using new technologies. 

"At the same time, smart lighting systems can solve many problems related to the work of urban services due to the network infrastructure already created for them", said Pavel Marakhovskiy. He recalled the effective technology for using existing smart lighting networks to transmit data from the level sensors of garbage containers.

"This will allow you to properly plan garbage collection, so that it is collected when the containers are 80-90% full. The same data transmission network is used, so it is not necessary to invest additionally in the communication system," noticed Pavel Marakhovskiy.

Ultrasonic sensors allow to determining the tank filling level. 

"The main task is to prevent people from leaving garbage near the container. When waste accumulates around the container, this not only worsens the sanitary situation, but also negatively affects the attractiveness of the area in which you live," said Pavel Marakhovskiy. 

He also added that the solution he indicated was one of the examples of promising interaction between intelligent lighting systems and smart solutions for various urban services.

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