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Kyiv to send 70 tonnes of batteries for disposal to Romania

The capital authorities have collected them over five years.

The Kyivkomunservis capital utility company will send 70 tonnes of batteries for disposal to Romania. 

A contract to this effect was signed on 3 February, a deputy head of the Kyiv city state administration, Petro Panteleyev, has said.

“As soon as in early April, almost 3.5 million batteries will be sent for processing, not to a landfill. Batteries are an awful contaminator of soil. The enterprise that will process them is in Romania,” he said on Facebook.

The “Batteries, Give Up” NGO said on Facebook that Kyivkomunservis had been collecting and storing batteries for five years without doing anything to them.

“And now, when we have received the permit to move them out to Europe for the first time in Ukraine’s history, they are finally going to be processed,” it added.

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