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Ukrainian IT startup was sold to foreign investors Corporate news

Ukrainian IT startup was sold to foreign investors

Ukrainian IT startup company MOSST, which has developed numerous know-how, including the technology of biometric payment for purchases, which made it possible to buy goods without gadgets and cards, just via their own fingerprint, was sold to foreign investors.

According to the previous owner, Yevhen Pulia, for three years the company has created payment devices designed to simplify the process of money transactions: user authentication by selfie, paying for purchases using a QR code, convenient money transfers and the universal cash register MOSST Reader.

The Family Office of the shareholding family of CBH (Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique) became the new owner of the company. Now the Ukrainian team of IT specialists, designers and managers will work with a foreign investor on new products that will be introduced in the European market. Details of their current project now are not disclosed.

Meanwhile, the previous owner Yevhen Pulia shared his future plans - to develop agribusiness as one of the most promising sectors of the Ukrainian economy and start a new startup in the field of the brain-computer interface (a technology that will enable the exchange of information between the human brain and an electronic device).

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